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Million-mile battery strategy – A game-changer for OEMs?

Perspectives towards sustainable mobility episode 6Perspectives towards sustainable mobility episode 6
April 20,2023
In this episode, our host Hans Beck invited his colleague Dr. Oliver Spreitzer, Partner at Strategy Engineers, to talk about the million-mile battery – a ground-breaking innovation that has the potential to transform the EV market.   The million-mile battery idea first surfaced in 2019 when Tesla submitted a patent for it. Since then, it has been deemed possible by both Tesla and CATL, but the question of whether it is economically and technologically practical still stands.   In this episode, Dr. Spreitzer and Hans delve into that subject from an analytical perspective.They explore the overall profitability of the million-mile battery strategy based on recent study insights and explain how OEMs could now utilise this new strategy.   Listen now to the entire episode:

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