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What makes us different?

Our vision

To make mobility sustainable

Climate change is real. This is why we put our strength into making mobility sustainable. At SE, we share one common purpose: To unlock your potential to navigate uncertainty towards that new reality. We support you in making the strategic decisions now to not just make the required transformation happen, but leverage it to take a leading position. Making your business future-proof by design and mobility sustainable.
Our values

The behaviour we promote to make a difference

We believe, that we are only as good as our team. Together, we can achieve more. Learn and grow. Our core values capture what makes Strategy Engineers such a great place to work – and how we deliver superior results for our clients:

We promote individualism but win as a team

We take personal responsibility

We value opinions but act on facts

We are passionate about people development

We embrace challenges and drive change
Our mission

Navigating uncertainty

Making mobility sustainable is a huge task. Turning it into a new reality is what we work on with our clients. Our team follows three vital elements in everyday’s work, to make the transition happen:

To combine commercial and technical perspectives to help our clients make robust strategic decisions towards the transformation to sustainable mobility

To understand our clients’ unique situation, as trusted advisors, and deliver innovative, customised, and implementable solutions

To create an environment which allows us to attract, grow, and retain exceptional people, passionate to work with our clients
Our approach

Our consulting services are based on profound technical insight

We aim to collaborate closely with you. Not only on a management level but with everyone in your company. Therefore, we need to know the details – details that are directly linked to the constantly evolving automotive technology.

Entrepreneurial minds with a background in technology

A strong team

Consulting is people business. At Strategy Engineers, we are a tight-knit team of open-minded consultants who have technology at heart and business in mind. Together, we think ahead and question the status quo.

Technology and innovation is in our DNA. We never stop driving change in the automotive and mobility industry.
Management Team
Doing great work is one thing. Being honoured for it is another. That’s what we are really proud of!
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