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Monetizing automotive data – a perspective

January 01,2017
Digitalization is one of the universal trends in our world. Digital devices have become ubiquitous and cyber-physical systems are widespread in many sectors. This trend does not exclude the automotive world.   With increasing digitalization, increasing amounts of data on vehicles and the wider automotive eco-system are being generated and made available. A host of players from established OEMs and suppliers to new entrants and tech players see significant revenue potential in those data.   In close collaboration with fka Forschungsgesellschaft Kraftfahrwesen mbH Aachen, Strategy Engineers developed a perspective on how automotive data can be monetized and the resulting business models. Based on a segmentation and classification of available automotive data, a value chain from raw data towards end customer services was derived.   The elements of this emerging value chain are elaborated whereby emphasizing crucial elements such as the open data market place for automotive data. Viable business models along the value chain are presented and discussed and implications for OEMs, suppliers and 3rd parties are derived.   Soon, you may also download the complete document from the fka’s site.

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