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Operational Performance Consulting – forgotten virtue to some, uncharted territory for you?

August 31,2022
For decades the automotive industry has built a reputation for improving operational performance systematically, and justifiably so. Still, the approach and underlying principles are also exemplary for industries without any ties to automotive. We are building a track-record of helping our clients significantly increase their operational performance by adapting the approach to their challenge. We believe in the power of acting from the inside out – operations take the lead. With our entrenched help, our clients change perspective on their operation and we challenge them to leave the beaten track, following the powerful approach we bring along, to boost quality, massively increase on-time performance and greatly reduce lead times.   The Problem For some players in the industry, this is the era of avoiding big calls. But there is a time for any company to better reinvent itself. And when it is getting time for your company, we think it is worthwhile to start at the core – in operations. The returns are tangible and immediate, and to achieve sustainable results our clients will need to take operational action eventually anyway. Stabilising operational performance at the current status-quo simply will not be good enough to stay around.   Our Solution Let us have a close look at your current operational performance. We know how to correlate numbers with line walk impressions, as our experience pays off. With that, we are in the middle of where we want to be – discussing the next level of operational performance attainable and attractive for your company. In doing so, we help to create the desire to improve. We call it the Will. We also evaluate what your company is capable of – holistically but also for each and every employee of the team by working with them side by side. We bring in our expertise on how to make the transformation of operation a success. We call it the Skill. And then we go along you on your corresponding journey. Easy at the start, hard on the way, and on towards a rewarding destination that we never fail to keep in sight. Let’s get specific: Over the past years and a multitude of projects, we have created a break-through approach based on automotive production, which enables us to get directly to the core and nodes of performance improvement. With this approach, we have already been able to reduce lead times by more than 50%, significantly increase on-time performance and plannability, and skyrocket product quality along with employee satisfaction.

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