Big "S" and "E" in Raleway font centered in the middle with a small little orange dot on the right top


Welcome to our new corporate identity

March 10,2020
A growing firm, a strong identity.   We have crafted our new corporate identity to support a re-definition and re-shaping of Strategy Engineers’ profile corresponding to the reality of our work and contribution to the success of our clients in these dynamic times.   During the past decade, the realities of the automotive industry have changed at an unprecedented pace. Today, we see electric vehicles and rapid advances in driving assistance. Our vehicles are getting connected and provide functionality and services that haven’t even been thought of only a few years back. Furthermore, we see significant changes in user behaviour and markets – disruptive and difficult to predict. As a result, many companies wonder whether their established business models will sustain in the future.   This is exactly where we position Strategy Engineers. We aim to be a trusted advisor – a partner for our clients helping them to navigate and act in these uncertain times.   During the last year we have taken a great effort to review and question this position. What is the value we provide to our clients today? How can we help our clients understand the future developments? How can we help them take their strengths to create a successful future and what change does this require? And finally, how do we have to change to be successful in what we aim for?    We found answers to these questions, which we wanted to communicate and manifest in a new corporate identity, a new market appearance, a new claim and a new corporate vision and mission statement.   Vision: Giving Substance to Reality   We believe that our clients have a near limitless, yet untapped, potential for excellence. Our vision is to help you realise what you’re capable of. We aim to bring our experience and processes into partnership with your brand, your values and your ideas, not just so you can survive in this ever-changing automotive landscape, but so that you can go much, much further.   All that we ask is that you dream big, because together we can give substance to your dreams, making them – and the hopes of a brighter, more innovative world – a reality.   Mission: The Magic of Connection   At Strategy Engineers, we believe that connection leads to magic. Being the trusted partner of our clients enables us to bring our experience and know-how together with their unique ideas, vision and values to create sparks of inspiration.   These sparks, fuelled by the magic of connection, lead to something new. Something greater than the sum of its parts. Unique solutions that help our clients find certainty in an ever-changing, uncertain world. The result is a unique strategy that can help you find your way to a winning place in the market.   Visual identity: Refined script mark, bold orange   Our refined vision and mission are the cornerstones of our strategic positioning as automotive consulting company. To convey this positioning in a convincing way, we have also developed a new visual identity. It starts with a refined script mark. We have successfully established Strategy Engineers as a respected and much-awarded brand for automotive consulting. Now we take the next step and prepare the brand for the next decade. With the new script mark, we highlight two facts: 1) We emphasise “strategy”, and 2) we tailor strategies based on advanced technology insight. In addition, we have added a distinct orange slash to the script mark. This slash is giving direction – direction our consulting services give to our clients. At the same time, it carries our new corporate colour: SE Orange.   Replacing our original blue – an icon of automotive industry legacy – we introduce the strong and energising SE Orange. It stands for a new era of mobility. As a visual highlight, we apply it with great care to provide guidance and orientation.   This is most visible on our new website. We have worked meticulously to reduce the complexity of getting to know us online – on both desktop but even more so mobile devices. Instead of providing lengthy yet incomplete statements of which industries we serve with which services, we focus. We rather talk about value we create when working with clients with particular emphasis on the interaction with our teams.   With our new website, we also give more room to presenting SE as a place to work. Among all the change we witness, there is some things we are keen to preserve. Highest among them is our commitment to hiring and developing exceptional people – this has been our focus from the beginning and has not changed going forward. Our people is what we are proud of and it is the difference it makes to work with us.   Finally, our new corporate identity as SE frames our positioning as the automotive consulting company that is your trusted advisor to navigate in uncertain times. We are change agents within an industry that is no longer what it used to be ten years ago, when we founded SE. We are giving substance to reality.

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