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For high flyers & career starters

Master new challenges. Unleash potential. With us

From your first day on, you will experience diverse and analytically challenging projects in an international environment. Focused on the automotive and adjacent industries, our projects are covering all aspects of our clients’ businesses, from cost engineering programs for new electric vehicles, from German premium OEMs to internationalisation strategies for start-ups. Whether you’re still studying or a motivated young graduate, with us you will find the perfect platform for rapid learning and personal development. At Strategy Engineers, it’s not only the work force that counts but the individual person. Therefore, we support all of our consultants in their career planning with respect to their individual life situations.


“Hit the ground running” will be the motto of your very first day at Strategy Engineers. We like to think of our interns as full members of our project team. That’s why you will take on responsibility right from the start and work together with our more experienced consultants – ideally at our client’s site. Typically, you will be responsible for key project tasks, running independent analyses and presenting your results. Seize the opportunity to discover the multifaceted work of a consultant and directly contribute to the success of our clients.  

Senior Consultant

  From day one you are entirely involved in our projects and work directly with our clients. We believe that „training-on-the-job“ is the most efficient way to learn the analytical and results-driven way of working at Strategy Engineers. You will have the opportunity to work on projects with different clients and in different industries. Our established feedback process and specific trainings help you to develop your skills and allow you to take on more responsibility in various projects. Typically, our Senior Consultants are responsible for defining project modules, challenging quantitative data analyses, qualitative research, interviews and the creation of client presentations.  


  As an Associate at SE, you will face various challenges in consulting projects in technology-driven industries. From day one, you will assume responsibility for the content of work packages in which you will contribute and further develop your expert knowledge and skills. As part of that, you will independently support our customers in the development and implementation of strategic and operational solutions. You will lead a small team of clients or consultants and will be responsible for guiding and developing younger colleagues.

Consulting diversity with industry focus

Diverse projects

  We are focussed on the automotive mobility and adjacent industries. And this is, where our focus ends. Our projects range from the reorganisation of German premium OEMs to portfolio diversifications for Japanese Tier1 suppliers and go-to market strategies for US mobility start-ups. At Strategy Engineers – and especially in your first few years – you will experience the whole bandwidth of technical management consulting.

Unleash your potential. Grow with us

Learning perspectives

  As a management consultancy, we sell expertise to our clients. Therefore, our greatest asset are our employees. This is why we put a lot of effort into the continuous training of our employees. At Strategy Engineers, you will develop your consulting skills, as well as your personality.

Share passion. Experience team spirit. Be yourself

Lifetime consultancy

  Dropping your pen at five o’clock sharp with an important steering project meeting the next morning? An option, but not the way we like to work. Consulting lives from highly motivated people that are willing to go the extra mile. We know that, too. Therefore, we want to make sure that our employee’s enjoy a harmonious work-life balance. Every single consultant should have enough time to lead a fulfilling personal life. Our aspiration is to find the right answer to every employee’s personal situation.

Your career. Our concern. Moving forward together

Guided development

  As soon as you join us, you’ll receive support from an experienced mentor, who will help you with any questions you might have. Our unique team spirit enables us to live an open feedback culture – we regularly talk about the good, but naturally also about what we could improve on.

What to expect from your first project



"SE offers an ideal platform for people with a technical background and expectations to see a broad business world."

Why did you choose Strategy Engineers?

  As an engineering Ph.D., many people thought that I should go on with scientific research, but I was longing for a chance to get to know the “real” business world. I wanted to be confronted with new areas and exciting challenges, and, to have a steep learning curve. When I heard about SE and deeper understood what they are doing, I truly believed it to be a perfect match for me. Looking back I can say: This is the ideal place for me to be!

What makes working at Strategy Engineers special?

  The team and working atmosphere make SE special. I feel energetic and relaxed working at SE, my colleagues are very smart and humorous, and fully trust each other. This enables everyone to exert his/her talents. Meanwhile, SE gives you the opportunities to get to know new things in new places around the world, no matter in China, Japan, or Sweden, Austria. You will embrace an exciting life here.  

How does your everyday work day look like?

  Different projects will bring you totally different days. In a stragetic project, I can work mainly from the SE office, brainstorming with my colleagues and then concentrating on producing results that meet the client’s requirements. In a PMO project, I am in the client’s office everyday, having meetings and presenting reports on a daily basis. If the European team is involved, I join them in a Skype meeting in the afternoon to coordinate the next steps and make decisions. But one thing remains the same: I learn something new everyday.


Application process

The interview: An interesting discussion, not a cross-examination.

We don’t believe job interviews have to be one-way streets. It’s important to us to give you the opportunity to get to know us better. That’s why we offer several conversations with different colleagues who have varying levels of experience. In every interview, you’ll get the chance to meet our team in person and ask about us and our work.   Our interview process consists of two rounds of interviews, in which you will get to know two consultants. However, we are flexible and can adjust the process according to the specific situation. The interviews usually run as follows:


  Short introduction of Strategy Engineers and the interviewers  


  Introduction of the candidate and a discussion of their CV (personality interview)


  Completion of a “Case Study“ (case interview)  


  Clarification of open questions and definition of next steps

Personal interview

The purpose of the personality interview is to get to know you better. Use the presentation of your life and career so far to convince us about you! If you’ve been invited to an interview, we’ve already studied your CV in detail. In this part of the process, we’re also interested in finding out what’s hiding between the lines. For example, what challenging situations have you faced in your life and how did you overcome them? When did you do exceptionally well? What are your passions? And most importantly: what drives you and why do you think you’re a good fit for Strategy Engineers?  

Case interview

  In the case interview, we want to challenge you with a problem that is completely new to you. It will reflect a typical situation that you would have to face in your daily work as a consultant. We’ll discuss a specific topic with you that we actually encountered in a project. The interview usually starts with a short introduction from the interviewers. Then you need to answer the questions we put to you step by step. The interview will be a discussion with your interviewer, not a question and answer session. Impress us with your analytical capabilities, your structured approach and your communication skills!

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