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Global new mobility market insights: The Investors

November 12,2020
We analyse the structure of global investors’ activities towards connectivity, autonomous driving, smart mobility and electrification. Read more.   In part 1 of our study on the Global New Mobility Market, we have concluded that out of the $ 163 bn cumulated global investments into CASE segments (Connectivity, Autonomous driving, Smart mobility, Electrification), only 13 % of investments originate from Europe and a mere 3 % flow into European CASE start-ups. This clearly is a worrying development given the long-term perspectives of Europe as a leading region for automotive and new mobility players.   In this second part of our study, we investigate which types of investors in which regions drive CASE investments:  
  • With 38 % Corporate Venture Capital companies (CVCs) are the biggest investor group, followed by Venture Capital firms (VCs) (35 %) – amongst CVCs, non-automotive CVCs invest substantially more than automotive CVCs
  • In Asia / China, CVCs play an even greater role covering almost 50 % of all investments; key investment area is Smart Mobility (64 %) with 73 % of funding staying in Asia
  • In North America, VCs are the biggest investor group with almost 50 %; Smart Mobility is a key investment area (66 %); autonomous driving receives “only” 13 % but is the largest absolute investment area of all major regions; 78 % of funding stay in North America
  • In Europe automotive CVCs are the biggest investor group with 34 %; Smart Mobility (45 %) and autonomous driving (30 %) as key investment areas; only 13 % of European investments stay in Europe
  • The only investor type where Europe invests at comparable levels to Asia and North America is automotive CVCs, on all other investor types Europe is falling substantially short
  • Accordingly, amongst the top 10 investors there is only one European company (Volkswagen), one American (GM), three Chinese and five from the rest of Asia
  Summarizing, the future of modern mobility is clearly in the hands of North American and Asian investors. Whilst VCs are the largest investor type in NA, CVCs play the dominating role in Asia.   Europe is somehow competitive in terms of automotive CVC investments but drastically falls short on all other investor types. Hence, Europe has manoeuvred into a backseat position, not only on the investor side but also amongst new mobility players.

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