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The Value of Internships in Management Consulting

Next Slide Please Episode 12Next Slide Please Episode 12
March 09,2023
Get ready to dive into our 12th episode of the “Next Slide, Please” podcast! In this episode, we cover the topic of internships in the consulting industry. If you’re a student or recent graduate curious about pursuing a career in management consulting, this will be an interesting one for you!   Our host Tobias shares his personal experience with internships and why they are such a valuable opportunity for those interested in the consulting field. He’ll be discussing the purpose and expectations of an internship, as well as the exciting projects and fast-paced work environment that make consulting such an exciting industry.   While this episode only features our host, stay tuned for the next episode where he’ll be joined by two former interns from Strategy Engineers, who will share their experiences and insights.   Don’t miss out on this chance to gain an inside look at the world of management consulting and explore the potential opportunities for your own career! Tune in to the episode now!

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