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AVL TechDay E-Mobility 2022: Meet SE on the event in Würzburg, Germany, on May 31

May 31, 2022
09:00 - 16:30 (Europe/Vienna)

Congress Centrum Würzburg, Pleichertorstrasse, 97070 Würzburg, Germany

Electromobility plays a major role towards a sustainable future of mobility. Increasing expectations from the state and the users make modern drive systems a key ingredient on the way.

To delve deeper here, AVL is hosting a TechDay E-Mobility 2022 on 31 May in Würzburg, where industry experts will provide insights into the topics of development, safeguarding and testing of electric drives and energy storage systems.

A keynote will be given by our SE Partner and subject-matter expert, Dr. Ulrich Guddat. He will go into the value chain shifts ahead and the impact on the automotive industry.

The E-Mobility TechDay event is the perfect opportunity to meet leading experts and discuss the latest advancements in electric mobility and energy efficiency.

The link to register for the event and a detailed agenda can be found here:

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