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Management Team

Cheng Xie
Strategy Engineers offers practical and executable solutions that promote long-term growth – our clients’ success is ours.

What services does SE offer to Chinese customers?

China is determined to develop the next generation of “clean” vehicles and efficient mobility solutions. We support our clients in defining the strategies to make this change happen – and actively support the implementation. The true value of our work is the winning strategy of tomorrow.

Why is it important for you to work at a regional office in Shanghai?

Understanding the local market dynamics and drivers behind them is of vital importance to our clients. Today, China is more than the production base of a globalised supply chain. It is a hub for R&D innovation and the biggest market for many companies. This is why we have put in place a dedicated, local team.

What makes the Chinese automotive market special?

Taken by the numbers, China has the most brands and models – and a huge group of domestic car buyers. Chinese customers are more welcoming towards technological change. Both the competition and opportunities are huge aspects which make China very special for automotive OEMs.

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