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Management Team

Christoph Müller
I want to see my clients succeed despite volatile and complex market conditions based on an effective and efficient organization

Why Strategy Engineers?

We are a unique team. Each one with individual interests and capabilities – but everyone with the same team spirit: Innovation, technology and automotive enthusiasts, problem solvers, strategists, team players combined with an unrestrained strive for excellence. Shaping and transforming mobility while helping our clients as a team to succeed is motivating me.  

What fascinates you in automotive development? 

The success of a product is defined in the first ~40 months prior to start of production. Understanding current and future explicit and implicit customer demands, addressing those by a spot-on vehicle positioning within the targeted market segment and translating those customer demands into consistent vehicle technical specifications sets the basis for success.

Building on that, automotive development is about balancing of requirements and taking trade-off decisions. Managing all stakeholders efficiently while protecting the product characteristics and quality throughout the development process despite all necessary compromises is the art of automotive development.

Which are the key challenges on that journey?

Besides the above mentioned organisational challenges, new propulsion technologies and increasing software content lift product complexity to a new level. As a result, unforeseen technical issues pop-up during development which must be managed and solved cross-functionally.

R&D organizations must transform to manage those new complexities and challenges in vehicle integration, validation and manufacturing effectively. 

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