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Management Team

Nicolas Kauer
A smart factory offers the opportunity to make the production of products with high variation and increased complexity more efficient, flexible and resilient

Is future production completely autonomous?

Future processes will be more digitalised and with a higher degree of automation, but we still need up-skilled operators to orchestrate the complexity and decide the best approach to navigate through daily production routines. We are already seeing the need for skilled workers increasing tremendously and this transformation will be affecting emerging players in the sustainable mobility market, especially on the supplier side.

Is an efficiency increase in our factories still possible?

We are only halfway through the efficiency curve. “Lean” is still a good foundation but with digitalisation and data-driven processes, combined with connected production technology, a two digit increase in efficiency is not only plausible but more and more affordable. There are already proven examples based on user friendly applications, enabling timely and simple implementation process throughout operations, which will bring a fast return on investment.

You have set strategic guidance for automotive customers and optimised supply chains and production processes over the last 15 years. What are the future levers in operations and supply chain?

Existing and established local approaches remain relevant especially if they are still not fully integrated in today’s operation processes. In the future the supply chain and production process need to be flexible and fast reacting in an end to end manner. Therefore three levers need to be addressed.
Digitalisation of the whole process to improve complexity handling and increase efficiency of operations, improving real-time transparency and responsiveness in a highly volatile, globalised world for resilient supply chains and systematic frequent evaluation of the latest technical innovations like machine learning and AI applications or additive manufacturing processes.

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