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Management Team

Partner and Managing Director USA
Dr. Norman Firchau
The execution of strategy at scale has never been more important in the ever-changing mobility industry.

Where is the U.S. mobility industry heading?

A significant disruption is in progress from automotive to mobility. This adds to increasing requirements such as safety and sustainability. The importance of software and connectivity intensifies. New competitors like big tech companies and numerous start-ups have entered the space. It is crucial that established corporations and new players have a tight grasp on the latest technology, such as connected vehicles, e-mobility, advanced driver assistance and autonomous driving. It is an immense task to integrate innovative solutions into sub-systems and overall vehicles. Winning go-to-market strategies must be deployed. Almost always, the corporate culture needs to adapt to implement strategies with speed. Therefore, substantial technology and business transformations are happening and evolving rapidly.


How can companies deal with the disruption?

Agile companies rethink how to grow and what their business needs to look like. On one hand, they can use the disruption to change, i.e. increase flexibility, enhance value, and accelerate execution. On the other hand, they have the possibility to transform, i.e. scale up innovation, experiment with new business models, and extend their reach. In times of accelerating change, leading companies focus on making smart decisions that open doors to new opportunities. The execution of strategy at scale has never been more important.


What are the next steps?

This requires companies to become learning organizations. They must continuously build new capabilities and tap into innovation networks. Future-oriented corporations seek expert advice, e.g. regarding new business models and technology road maps. SE together with the global AVL network accelerates innovation-based transformations. Let’s create a better world by driving mobility trends of tomorrow.

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