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Management Team

Ulf König
These days, the ability to transform quickly and effectively is the single most important skill for an automotive company

How do emission legislation, customer behaviour and disruptive business models affect automotive product development?

R&D is at the core of the industry’s transformation. Businesses have to develop the next generation of environmentally friendly and highly connected products, while at the same time reinvent themselves to cope with shorter development cycles and increased software focus. Ultimately, only a few stones will be left unturned.

How does Strategy Engineers support engineering companies?

Each engineering business has their individual set of challenges and most pressing issues. Therefore, we believe in tailored solutions, specific to each client and their challenges

What sets SE apart from other management consultancies?

Changes affect all company levels, from component engineer to top management. Most of our team are trained engineers – all of them are strategic thinkers. This is how we meet both engineers and decision makers on eye level.

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