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November 23, 2021

10 Years of Excellence

“To create the future, we must understand the past”. There is a lot of truth in this saying and by celebrating the 10th anniversary of SE, we did exactly that. We looked back at what we have achieved and set out where we are heading next.

The last decade has been an amazing journey with our team growing from the founders’ team to more than 40 consultants. At the same time, we today run offices not only in Germany, but China, the USA and most recently in the UK. Our team has been honoured by repeated awards because we love what we do. We combine commercial and technical insight to support our clients on their ways to a successful, more innovative future.

This future holds key challenges as the automotive sector must transform on its way to carbon neutral mobility while new competitors emerge, and user habits change. Together with our clients, we are moving forward. We are prepared to tackle whatever challenges come next.

Take a look into our anniversary booklet, dedicated to one decade of excellence. We thank all our clients as well as our past and present team members. Here’s to the next successful decade!

Click here to download our 10-Year Anniversary Booklet

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